The Garbage Post

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At the first glance the place seemed totally clean. Then I started walking on the salt, I realized that it was not so. Immediately after the platform you can get down and walk on the salt. People did leave garbage around this place. It completely stunned me. For me the landscape was so beautiful that I would just not dare to litter around it, not that I otherwise litter in public places. If such landscapes can’t move people to keep it clean, I wonder what would? If big dustbins and signs right next to the place don’t motivate people to keep the it clean, do we really have hope.

To me it was sacrilege that people left behind their trash in this pristine environment. I then did what I have never done before. I picked the biggest offending pieces, a polythene full of trash and a few large plastic plates, and threw then into the dustbin.

Garbage Bins at Great Rann of Kutch
Garbage Bins at Great Rann of Kutch

A child asked me why I was gathering trash. I replied because the place was too beautiful to be littered! A couple also came to me and said that they really appreciated what I did. My simple reply was that I enjoyed the place too much to let it remain dirty. Mostly because I hesitate I won’t do any such thing. I just enjoyed the landscape so much that I was motivated to let go of my hesitation and do just a little bit of cleaning.

I hardly get outraged but really what is wrong with us Indians? Why do litter with abandon in public places, in beautiful places even when there is a dustbin just a few feet way. I wonder if anyone has an answer.

Will I do it again? I am not sure at all. If the landscape is as beautiful as the Great ran of Kutch, who knows, I may do it again. But in all honesty I will most probably just walk off the next time, like everyone else.