Overpriced Indian Hotels?

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I would say don’t get me started on hotels India. One thing that I dread about traveling is finding a reasonable hotel. In my definition it means a clean place that is reasonably priced. Is that too much to ask for? I wish I did just two trips in a year, the 2 night 3 days type. Maybe, just maybe, then I would forget my middle class upbringing and stay in hotels priced at 14000 rupees per night. But there is not even a remote chance of that. I would rather travel twice a month than twice a year! And I draw an absolute limit at 2500 rupees per night. Try finding cheap hotels in Delhi or any other city at that rate and you will realize what a struggle it becomes. I know we can find hotels at dirt cheap prices but then they turn out to be dirty too, often in unsafe areas as well.

Last time when I was searching for hotels in Bhuj I became so frustrated. The lowest room rate I could get was 3500 rupees per night. And I was not at all confident about the hotel. In the end I searched for homestays and I hit a jackpot. From now on unless I know a hotel, I am actually going to search for homestays first! However in a hurry sometimes I end up staying at higher priced rooms.

Sokha Angkor, Cambodia
Sokha Angkor, Cambodia

I payed 6500 rupees for a tent at Kutch and I was so disappointed by the lack of cleanliness. At what price do you really get a clean room in India? I mean that was a 100 dollar room! At half of that price I had a lovely room in Sri Lanka right at the beach. I have now been to some other parts of the world. I wonder how they manage to keep the hotels reasonably priced and clean!  In Cambodia this five star resort has 100 dollar rooms.

I have nothing against high end hotels say like Imperial Hotel Delhi. They charge a high rate and deliver on it. But should I get a clean room only if I am willing to pay a high price. Why is it that we have nothing in the dollar 25 to 50 range that is good? I know there are a few hotels which will fall in the 25-50 dollar category. But finding them is such a task!

What is your definition of a good hotel? How do you go about finding them? Do you think that we have overpriced Indian hotels?