Sensory Overload at the New York Times Travel Show

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Countdown to savings, seminars and exclusive specials. If you long for a vacation stress-free of hassles, it’s time to plan ahead and visit the 11th annual New York Times Travel Show.

Every year the show attracts travel experts like Seth Kugel (Frugal Traveler) Arthur and Pauline Frommer, Peter Greenberg and Patricia Schultz (1,000 Places to See Before You Die). The show includes exclusive travel discounts you won’t find anywhere else, book signings with leading travel authors, food and wine tastings and exhibits from over 150 countries.

Regardless if you work in the travel industry, the Javits Center is the place to be for anyone looking for travel advice this weekend. Go to the registration page and use the code SOCIAL and receive $3 off the entrance fee.

Conference speakers will include my colleagues at, editor Max Hartshorne and award-winning photographer Paul Shoul.

Especially interesting is a seminar on Sunday with Joe Fennell from XCom Global. Fennell will describe the hurdles of accessing the internet internationally because staying connected is always troublesome. Between expensive roaming charges, unsecured internet and being tethered to a hotel room’s wifi, sometimes checking email and updating Facebook can take the fun right out of the trip.