Thief Hunters in Paradise

Thiefhunters in Paradise

Strolling the canals of one of Europe’s most romantic and beautiful cities, Venice, Italy, your mind easily wanders from elegant piazzas to lushly appointed gondolas to celebrated art.

Once, when Mutti and I were vacationing here, amidst streets crushed with unsuspecting and vulnerable tourists, Mutti nearly had her purse stolen. It was the ideal setting for master street thieves and crafty scam artists.

The brief encounter with three pick pocketers was only discovered when Mutti looked down to see lightening quick hands unzipping her bag. She whipped herself around to confront the den of thieves, but, like shadows or ghosts, they blended into the crowd effortlessly.

When I got home, I found this National Geographic documentary online and learned how to play it safe (or safer) when I travel. The documentary captures thief hunter Bob Arno as he goes undercover to expose the secrets of sophisticated petty criminals throughout Italy. The information in this documentary is mandatory viewing if you visit any big city, do or do not wear flashy jewelry and/or think you’ll never be a victim. The coordination and strategies of professional thieves seen in this documentary will convince you that nobody is safe.

After viewing the documentary, be sure to follow Bob’s website for more tips and advice: