A Vacation Matchmaker called Jauntaroo

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jauntaroo3000 candidates from 99 countries applied for the much-hyped “Best Job Ever” contest but the panel of judges picked this one lucky suave: Tyson Mayr.

Kudos to this virile Aussie native. For the next year, he’ll romp around the world, all-expenses paid and earn $100K act as good-will ambassador for a creative travel agency called Jauntaroo. The announcement was made on Jan 30th in NYC.

Based on Mayr’s qualifications: pecks and abs, an adorable accent and an avid couch-surfer for 4 years, I’ve concluded that I’m definitely past my prime for contests like this.

Mayr goes by the name “The Naked Traveler” on Facebook and no surprise, the model/actor isn’t just a pretty face. He’s volunteered his muscle throughout South America and installed water filters in wells in Uganda for a not-profit called RainCatcher. News of his win is making the media rounds in Men’s Health magazine and on NBC’s Today Show. How does a gal compete with that?

The announcement has raised the profile for the Utah-based vacation planning tool nicknamed the “Vacation Matchmaker.” Despite the Keystone XL Pipeline ad visible on my results page, it’s nice to read that their profits go to organizations that help educate, provide health services and nurture the well-being of disenfranchised cultures. Mayr will assist in continuing that mission beginning in March.