White Rann Camp, Gorevali Village, Kutch

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White Rann Camp was my most expensive hotel in my entire Gujarat trip. It was a tented accommodation close to the Great Rann of Kutch, it cost me 6,500 rupees (roughly 100 dollars). I do not usually stay in 100 dollar accommodations. And if I pay 100 dollars I expect a lot. At the first look I was not too impressed with the place mainly because of various stains I could find of the quilts, tent and in the dining area. It was not excessive but I thought places that charge 6500 rupees should be clean.


The tent was big and spacious. I think it is meant to be used on a sharing basis as it had three beds. I was all alone in it. It also had a blower. I seriously underestimated the cold this time when I packed for Kutch. It used to get quite chilly in the evenings, so I really needed that blower. There was a rack to keep the luggage comfortably and they provided two mineral water bottles per tent. If the quilts were minus a few dirty patches I would have liked the it much more. The outdoor green carpet in the common area tried to keep the dust down as best as it could.

The bathroom was clean and functional. I would not expect too much fancyness anyway in such a remote location. But the toiletries for the money charged felt very basic. The hot water was available only at certain hours. Once again in a remote location, I was fine with it.

Their food however was very good. They served Gujarati dishes like Kadhi, Kichdi etc. I had lunch, dinner and morning breakfast there and every meal was good. Meals were included in the price. Once again they would have got much higher marks if the table clothes in the dining hall were clean.

White Rann Camp, Gorevali, Kutch, Gujarat
White Rann Camp, Gorevali, Kutch, Gujarat

But in the end what tilted my opinion in their favor was there serving staff. They were two young lads from Darjeeling (originally Nepal) and they took such good care of me at every meal that I was quite willing to forgive various stains that I saw in a few places places. After all what are a few stains in the larger scheme of things?

If I had to do this trip again I might stay at Bhuj rather than closer to the Rann. The 80 km distance is quite short for the good roads that they have there. That way with the money I saved, I could have shopped more. I think they had some sort of an arrangement (arrangement in the Indian way) for cultural events. But I was content after spending my time at the Rann seeing the sunset and moon rise!