Finding Snow Unexpectedly

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Last week I did another last minute trip, this time to Narkanda. Narkanda is about 64 kilometers from Shimla towards Rampur. I try to avoid main hill stations as they are too crowded for me. And yet as I have limited leaves I need to go someplace that I could reach quickly. I am no fan of driving, hence I also rely on public transport.  Narkanda fitted the bill as I took the Kalka Shatabdi till Kalka and then a bus to Shimla from where I took a taxi to Narkanda. That was not the original plan but I will write a detailed post in a while.

I booked the Hatu, a HPTDC hotel. I saw that there was a ski package on offer but it still didn’t ring a bell! I was aware that it would be cold, so I packed heavy woolens and it was a good thing. As usual, I had to take avomine for my nausea on the mountain roads which leaves me quite disoriented.

Snow at Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh
Snow at Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

I was surprised at how much snow there was even in March! The hotel is at a little height from the village and the path was completely filled with snow. I was happy that I was negotiating it in a taxi to begin with. At the hotel there was a young staff member at the counter. He checked me in quickly with the customary, “are you alone ma’am?”

I had missed lunch and asked for tea and something to eat.They offered pakoras to which I readily agreed. I was happy to be inside a clean room with a heater. In a few minutes my tea and pakoras were served. There was a TV in the room as well with a local cable connection. I was settled for the night.

I was expecting Narkanda to be cold but I did not expect it to be so full of snow. My adventure had started!