Sky Watch Friday- A Glimpse of Helsinki through Clouds

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I am that window seat frenetic. I sulk and sulk through a flight if I am denied of one! From 18 to 23 March I took 6 flights in all. Much to my regret, I managed window seats only on four flights- Munich Helsinki, Helsinki Kittila, Kittila Helsinki and Munich Delhi. When I saw others looking at the Alps when the Delhi Munich flight was about to land, I was green with envy, I only had an aisle. Even though I had a window seat on the Munich Delhi flight and I was expecting a sunrise, it was not much! I sulk some more then! Flight window seat  are synonymous for me!

With so many flights in a few days, my sleep went for a toss. OK, that is not really true. I do not get jetlag when I travel to Europe as I am anyway a night person. But with exciting #lumiainlapland events to attend, I would be greedy and try to get early in the morning too when there was really no need. There was only one day when I decided to sleep in till late at Levi and that day there was a nice sunrise. The next day when I got up early, it was snowing!

A Glimpse of Helsinki through Clouds!

We also never had any late night events but all of us would talk so much to each other that it would be late before I got back to the Levi Spirit Villa, where we were staying. Then I would update the highlights of the day on Facebook and Twitter and that would make it really late when I would finally hit the bed. Usually I would be out the moment my head touched the pillow.

So when I had aisle seats on the flights, more often than not I would fall asleep. I would wake up quite scared wondering if I was snoring too! I prefer looking out of the window even when all I can see are the clouds, but then if I had an aisle seat then I guess sleep was one way to spend the flight. On the last Delhi Munich flight I had the last row window seat. There was no one on the seat next to me so I could stretch my legs.  I kept watching movies for the entire flight. When one and a half hour remained I put some music on the in-flight entertainment and relaxed. I didn’t realize when I dozed off! I slept through the landing and woke up only when the PA system started saying “welcome to …”.