Sky Watch Friday- Greetings from Finland

For this sky watch I present a brand new picture from a brand new destination for me. I am at Helsinki right now, though it is the last night for me. Took this picture right in front of the hotel. The water is frozen in the lake! I was here with the Nokia event #lumiainlapland. But more details as I get back home on Sunday. Or maybe I will be able to log from the Munich airport where I have a few hours halt.

Helsinki, Finland
An Evening at Helsinki

I have had an amazing time so far which included a snow mobile drive (I did the pillion), husky ride, and seeing -22 degree Celsius for the first time in my life! I could go on and on but I think it would be better if I go and get some sleep now, so that I can get up at the sunrise and click some pictures of this beautiful city.

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PS. This post is part of the beautiful Skywatch Friday community. Do check it out.

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