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“You do some light housekeeping? Great, because I live in a lighthouse and it’s filthy.”

Says Amy Poehler with a straight face, while interviewing a candidate for a job at a law firm. As a rule I dislike Old Navy commercials (hate the one with the over-the-top TSA agent and the one with the weird mannequins) but I have to agree that Amy Poehler’s Old Navy commercial is awesome and the outtakes are even funnier.

Today I was talking to my friend whose 8 year old daughter is a budding artist and she was wondering if she would be able to keep the art-spark alive. That’s when I went back to my bookmarked page on How to Nurture Talent Without Being a Psycho Parent. It is an amazing read and my favorite mantra from all the nuggets of wisdom offered is this –

Don’t: Praise kids for their abilities.
Do: Praise kids for their efforts.

Yes, I plan to buy the books too. Someday soon.

If like me, you have a kid who will have nothing to do with mashed potatoes, you should try offering him/her Colcannon. It succeeded where dollops of warm butter and melted ghee failed.

And since I will never stop checking out fun logos and smart ad copy, I urge you to check When Good Logos Go Bad and then this gem from The Economist.

Now go ahead and have yourself a Good Thursday!