Bristol, Rhode Island

Photo by Ed King © All rights reserved

Rhode Island has always been a favored destination. Stunning lighthouses, well-preserved 18th century districts, and a wide selection of beaches and parks are parts of its hushed yet elegant landscape.

Its history is one of people who were brave enough to insist on religious freedom and separation of church and state. By the 1650s, the Ocean State, as Rhode Island is often called, was an important center of maritime commerce. In fact, not many people know that the merchants of this not-really-an-island state led the country into the Industrial Revolution.

The tour of historic Rhode Island begins at Providence and finds its way southeast to the lovely port town of Bristol, which is where I would have been last weekend, had it not been for a nasty cold. Just because I did not get to enjoy a series of first-rate eateries, farms, museums, stately houses, bike paths, and the famous Colt State Park overlooking Narragansett Bay, doesn’t mean that you have to.

I missed scrumptious meals made by James Beard nominated chefs and the like. If you go, you may want to see the complete list of restaurants this town has to offer.

I missed the sights and sounds shown below.

Top left - Photo by Ed King. Top right - Photo by Nick Kearney. Bottom right - Courtesy of Gumula Photography. Bottom left - Photo by Nick Kearney. © All rights reserved

And I missed this sunset.

Photo by Ed King © All rights reserved