Flying Over Maldives

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I knew Maldives was beautiful but I didn’t know it was this beautiful. So, if you live in India haul yourself to Maldives at the first opportunity with your dear ones. You will find flights from Kochi cheaper. Even from Delhi as I booked in advance I got 17 thousand Indian rupees as the return fare. It was the same for Lakshadweep, Andaman and Male. Though I have not been to Lakshadweep I would recommend Maldives over Andaman any day. As for my costs, I visited a budget island, Maafushi and for two people it was almost as expensive as my going to Andaman alone. I am smitten by Maldives. After South Africa this is the second country where I thought of applying as a college professor. Let me send my kid to college! Sigh, which is such a long time away.


In Maldives one of the most expensive expenditures is the speed boat transfer. And even though local ferries are incredible fun, they are very few and far between. Also every one accepts the US Dollar as currency on the islands. My nephew had local currency which we used for ferry and having coffee at Male.

Now there are a lot of pending stories, while I am really looking forward to not traveling for next two weeks. I never thought I would ever say these words but I am also looking forward to not seeing the insides of a plane for the next two weeks. There I said it.

It has been three weeks of continuous travel, first to Finland then to Rajasthan and now Maldives. Even though I know I am incredibly lucky as the first two trips were invitations, it  does take a toll. So while I try and recover a bit, you enjoy my video of flying over Maldives.