Travel to Africa, Save an Elephant

OutsideGO_elephantsWith a yellow marker in hand, I devour Outside magazine regularly, especially in flight. Besides riveting reads, the editors list the camera, lens and settings used to take the perfect accompanying photo.

Besides that, they talk about the best trips, outfitters, luggage and guides and in February they launched an extension of the magazine called OutsideGO. In partnership with Chip and Sandy Cunningham, veteran outfitters, the 25 global excursions are said to be “exiting, inspiring, epic and one-of-a-kind.”

And here’s another reason to travel with OutsideGo; their most recent itinerary and marketing strategy shatters the status quo. Today they launched a filmmaking safari to help save elephants in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District from poachers. Through an inspiring film workshop, the trip will empower eight aspiring filmmakers to create a short film that documents the worsening crisis facing some of Africa’s most charismatic wildlife.

With a full support team on hand at all times, the eight participants will work together to craft a documentary that will reveal the heart-wrenching plight of Kenya’s elephants to a worldwide audience, encouraging real and lasting action across the globe.

Guided by seasoned war journalist and accomplished documentary and IMAX filmmaker, Dominic Cunningham-Reid, each filmmaker will be immersed in Africa’s mysterious soul to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly – and how they can make a change.

“As a filmmaker, I’m determined to apply my experience to a different kind of conservation message, one more essential now than ever as booming Africa comes at the cost of nature, and I really look forward to doing this with like-minded participants.” Dominic Cunningham Reid, Filmmaker and Conservationist.

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