An Auto Ride through the Narrow Lanes of Ajmer

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This time when I visited the Wheeler Bookstore at Ajmer Railway Station the person at the stall said, “lo aa gayen Agatha Christie ki fan!” (Here comes the Agatha Christie fan). In the last two years this was my fourth trip to Ajmer and as I bought Agatha Christie every time from the shop, so the shopkeeper now recognizes me! Surprisingly I have never stayed at Ajmer, I was always there in transit. Out of the four times, I visited the dargah thrice. There is something about the place that has a pull. Till now I have refrained from making a mannat even though I do visit the shrine. My argument is that Gods have been kind to me so why ask, they already know what I want.

However, it was for the first time I took a video of the narrow lanes of Ajmer leading to the shrine.


And as I have an obscenely early morning flight on Thursday to Amman, the war to leave the station has started and so far I seem to be losing it. There are thousand and one things that are pending, which of course includes packing. I hear that wifi is not free at many hotels in Jordan so I am not sure if I will be able to connect from there. But I do assure you that I will bring back a lot of stories and pictures.

In the recent days I visited the Brahma Temple at Pushkar, the Ajmer Sharif Dargah and now it is time to attend a mass by Pope at Amman. Even though I have not really probed what kind of faith I have, but the vibes such places are so vibrant. Jordan is the third new country for me this year, Finland and Maldives being the other two. Maybe I should get greedy and ask the Gods to give me a few more countries this year as it is only May till now!