Sky Watch Friday- That Evening in Udaipur

If you are keen on watching the sky you might notice that it puts on a special show only on a few days. The fact was specially prominent to me while I watched that special sunset at Udaipur.

Maybe as I am commuting most of the days at sunset I simply do not notice the drama on the weekdays. Whenever I have sat in peace at a sunset I have always liked it.On my recent trips two places stand out for sunsets, Maldives and Udaipur. So for today’s Sky Watch, Udaipur it is. At Maafushi, Maldives every evening was special. At Udaipur I had just one evening but the sky put such a drama!

Gates to Monsoon Palace, Udaipur
Monsoon Palace Complex, Udaipur

Have you ever noticed that if there are a bit of clouds in the sky the sunset usually is more spectacular? I have nothing against plain sky sunsets but when I saw the clouds around sunset time I let my hopes sore. Monsoon Palace is a beautiful place for watching sunsets. If you are in Udaipur do go there for sunset.

Sunset at Monsoon Palace, Udaipur
The Sunset Balcony, Monsoon Palace, Udaipur

There are two levels at the Monsoon palace. As I climbed the dimly lit stairways to the second level, my reward was a view of the balcony below along with the spectacular view. After a particular time the house keeper of the palace starts telling everyone to get out or they would get locked in. I remained long enough to hear that warning. Being locked in was not my idea of fun, not alone at any cost. I was also not sure if the resident ghosts use it for their affairs after everyone is gone!

Dushk, Udaipur, Rajasthan
As the Dusk Came, Udaipur

Finally the sun decided it has enough of the world and retired in a quiet corner. For me too it was time to head to the car park and go back to my hotel.

PS. This post is part of the awesome Skywatch Friday theme.

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