Value for Money and Summer Vacations Don’t go Hand in Hand

I have no qualms in declaring that I am extremely middle class. I am really a sucker for value for money. I have recently been given two gadgets which I simply love. I really like them to bits. But they are so damn expensive that when at a future date (really far away in future) I will have to replace them I don’t think there is even a remote possibility of me buying them. Actually it is this scenario that set me on the value for money idea.

When it comes to travel value for money is again the mantra for me. I am not very particular about hotels, I can travel in local buses, and the like. After all if I had a free hand, I would travel every other weekend. In fact, in March I traveled on three consecutive weekends, two of them to foreign locations. It is another matter that I fell ill after coming back. Now as I like to travel so much there is not a chance that I can stay in posh places every time. For me the room has to be clean, it should have hot water and I am all set. Whenever I write about fancy hotels chances are that I was invited.

Vacations are Fun

But summer vacations completely ruin my orientation. As my daughter is growing up and is in standard 1, I too have to think of summer vacations as travel time. Everything you try to book, cost at least twice more than the off peak rates. Anywhere you go in India it feels everyone else is also visiting the same place.

For example, my nephew and I wanted to trek in Ladakh but for the same price I managed to reach Maldives in the past! So, all you bright people out there, how do you manage to get good deals during Indian summer vacations? I tried digging high and low on bargains and found some on Goibibo shop page on Flipit. But still how do you wise folks travel during summer without breaking the bank?
You know, I could have actually titled this post ‘I hate summer vacations!’

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