Sky Watch Friday- Thongsomboon Club

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I have a slightly unusual picture for sky watch today. What you see was an ATV Track! Now I am not a big fan of ATV bikes. But then again, if I come across an activity I usually end up doing it! This was no exception. This was Thongsomboon Club in the Khaoyai Region of Thailand. Like Chockchai Farm, they also had a cowboy theme. The staff was dressed in pretty cowboy outfits! The adventure park is spread in a large area. We were there just before the sundown so it was doubly pretty.


The tracks you see are meant for riding your ATV. I have done this before in Lonavala, India and I gave it a pass the last time in Nakhon Nayok region of Thailand. This time I decided to give it a try again. The ATV has just a break and a gear, so it is not a complicated machine. The track has a lot of tires strewn around so that if you crash, you do not get hurt. Now I had insurance but of course I didn’t wish to use it.

Me and the Monster

After the first set of instructions, we were off. I started off slowly on the lovely track. In a while when I had to take the first gentle turn, I realized that trying to turn it like you had power steering was of no use! You really had to turn hard to get a result. After that things were pretty smooth. Only I crawled with the ATV like a bullock cart till the end. Not the way you are supposed to drive them? Well, that is how I did it and that is what I can tell. Now if I compare this to my snowmobile ride in Lapland, it is such a story of contrasts.

If the copyright my picture has left you wondering it was not that John Abraham, this gentleman was a journalist.

PS. This post is part of Skywatch Friday, an awesome community of sky watchers.