Vegetarian Food in Jordan

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In many nations, vegetarianism is not much of a concept. Before I went I classified Jordan in that category. I know being a vegetarian is not too good for traveling but then that is who I am and that is what I am going to remain. I do eat eggs. When push comes to a very nasty shove, I can nibble on fish. But for a meal I look for something vegetarian. If I need to fill my stomach it has to be vegetarian food. And vegetarian food in Jordan was a pleasant surprise for me.

Salads as the First Course, Jordan
Salads as the First Course, Jordan

On the other hand, I know the distinction between vegetarian and Indian food. You will never find me cribbing that I didn’t get Indian food on a trip. I am perfectly fine with that. I can eat vegetables and rice, I can eat fruits, I can eat bread. I can eat dessert. In other words, I will never let food stand between me and a trip!

Having said all this Jordan completely surprised me. For one, they make the most amazing salads in the world. And if that in itself was not enough they make the most amazing dips in the world as well, along with the most amazing bread the Khubz or what we know as pita bread.

Once again, I am not a salad person. Given a choice I will take pasta rather than salad as food. But that was before I had been to Jordan. They made amazing, flavorful salads that were completely vegetarian. If there was one, that had meat in it, it was pointed out to me. There seasonings were mild and yet full of flavor.


With the salads they had amazing dips, the most famous being hummus. Then there was mezze which is an aubergine based dip, you read it right, it was our lowly eggplant but even that tasted so good. I was happy with the salads and the dips. But that was not all.

Pita Bread
Pita Bread or Khubz

This would be accompanied with Pita Breads, (also known as Khubz) which would make the starters quite filling. I could easily feast myself on all this and not need any  main course. But then they always found more food for me.

Veg pizza
Veg Pizza

For one of my main courses at Vis a Vis (Dead Sea, Jordan) they made veg pizza for me which was great. They also had free wifi. The pizza was awesome. I needed help from the other members to finish it off but I would happily order it again. I got vegetables and rice as well, but after the sumptuous starters, I didn’t really need a main course. They often tried to give me the same main course with vegetables which others had with meat. The most popular drink on this trip was lemon-mint!

Overall, for me Jordan was a delight as far as vegetarian food was concerned. And I now have a new appreciation for salads.