Across the bay in another world; Kings Point

Kings Point

Kings Point Mansion

Kings Point Mansion

“And that over there sits the Great Gatsby house,” said my waiter as he extended his arm across Manhasset Bay, in the direction of where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived and wrote one of the greatest love stories of all time.

I’m in Port Washington, NY, on the north shore of Long Island, at a popular oyster bar called Louie’s enjoying all things lobster: lobster beer, bisque and hot roll. Voted Long Island’s #1 seafood restaurant five years in a row, celebrity sightings here include Singer-Songwriter Billy Joel and Actor Burt Young.

Our waterside waiter piqued our interest and after lunch we took a drive to Kings Point in a short hunt for the Great Gatsby or “West Egg” mansion. Fitting of the novel, the tree-lined hamlet wreaked of wealth, privilege and an ample number of patrolling police cars.

Trolling the bourgeois neighborhood, dozens of gasp-inducing bungalows caught our eye but none turned out to be the gluttonous excess of Jay Gatsby. Despite the beauty, the lanes of aristocracy also seem to be a very lonely place. Jennifer commented on how so few people were out enjoying their pools, patios and manicured gardens.

My proletarian Kia Sedona, not being the luxury vehicle common here, was quickly trailed by a local cop. Taking photos of the fortunes of others, from the privacy of one’s own car, isn’t illegal. Haven’t we all done it? Still, it felt a little taboo so we made our way back to the world of coupon-cutting and low octane.