Day 2: Medina to Spencerport, NY

Medina Gathering with Realty USAWell, despite the screaming hot temps, they made it another 32 miles today! They being John Robinson, Doug Hamlin, family, friends and supporters of the Journey along the Erie Canal II.

An easterly wind was so strong along the Erie Canal, it bent and twisted tree branches tossing debris onto the trail. Some even landed in the water. No matter. The team fought sunburn and dehydration and somehow managed enough energy to meet and greet curious locals in the port village of Albion.

In Albion, the crew enjoyed a police escort from the trail to Main Street to an advocacy organization called The Arc of Orleans County. NYSARC, a major sponsor for this trek, is helping coordinate logistics and public relations for Our Ability along with prepping refreshments and hardy handshakes with local politicians at the beginning, middle or end of each ride.

To watch the video for DAY 2, click here: