Day 3: Spencerport to Fairport, NY

DSC_1367Journey Along the Erie Canal team had a rough start when Doug and Pam got locked out of their hotel room prior to the start. The 50-minute delay cost them their ice cream stop in Pittsford which didn’t fair well with 12-year old Owen – John’s youngest son, nor his best friend.

Besides the soaring heat and riding on a surface of rough stone dust, the team are on a strict timeline. Large welcome parties replete with police escorts, dignitaries and local ARC chapters are anticipating they finish at certain hours so the pressure is on.

Recumbent bicycles or tricycles aren’t just for riders that live with a physical disability or injury. Systems engineer at MVP, Martin Walders, as with dozens more that we’ve seen on the Erie Canal trails, use the laid-back reclining position to support their back and neck. The aerodynamic design is fast too, in fact, the world’s top speed on a bike were achieved on a recumbent.

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