Day 4: Fairport to Lyons, NY

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Doug_SmilingPam Hamlin is Doug’s wife, best friend, companion biker and her husband’s biggest supporter. She works hard to provide her parapelgic husband with whatever he needs but because he’s so independent, he often finds a way to tackle obstacles without asking for help.

Last year, Doug biked the canal with equipment that proved less-than-adequate for a 365-mile journey. When he got home, he immediately researched options to improve his speed, time and efficiency for this year’s ride.

His new custom, made-to-measure, lightweight, recumbent handcycle is like a missile! Built by companies Invacare®, Top End® and Force™-3, the design includes a comfortable seat and backrest so Doug can avoid lower spine pain and use more of his core strength. It sits only inches above the ground and, occasionally, some of the leg straps need adjusting.

Training with a personal coach throughout the winter has also helped Doug keep up with the pack. Pam, John, Andrea and the entire team couldn’t more proud.

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