The Journey So Far!

Did you notice that half an year has quietly slipped by. Before I scream where did the time go, I know some of it went into traveling. This is an account of the journey so far in 2014. I did an update in April for the first quarter, so I will pick up from where I left. Trip no 6 this was to unforgettable Maldives.

Maafushi Island, Maldives

Maldives is incredibly beautiful, I had a gala time with my younger nephew. This was a personal trip that we enjoyed to the hilt. I have to find a way or an excuse to go there again.

Deer at Ranthambore
Deer at Ranthambore #canon550D

Then came a trip to Ranthambore with Aircel’s Save the Tiger campaign. I did manage to get a fleeting glimpse of a tiger once again so my tiger jinx really seems to have broken.

Pratap Palace, Ajmer
Pratap Palace, Ajmer #canon550D

Trip number 8 was a one night trip to Pratap Palace, Ajmer. Thanks to this trip I managed to visit both Ajmer and Pushkar once again. I was quite apprehensive about a one night trip but in the end it was actually quite alright.

Pope Francis at Amman, Jordan
Pope Francis at Amman, Jordan #canon550D

Trip number 9 is up there in the trip of a lifetime category. I was invited by Jordan Tourism Board to cover the Pope’s Mass at Amman Stadium, Jordan. Now, even in my dreams I never thought I would ever get such an opportunity in my life!

Bangkok by Night
Bangkok by Night #canon550D

Trip 10 was an unexpected trip to Thailand which materialized with a short notice and went perfectly. My father was not too thrilled about me going there post ‘military coup’ but then as one of our group members remarked, we have seen more police in Mumbai and Delhi than I saw on this trip to Thailand!

Shikaras at Dal Lake, Srinagar
Shikaras at Dal Lake, Srinagar #canon550D

Then came another invitation at a short notice, this time to Kashmir. I was really happy to revisit the valley and enjoy its splendor. This trip was organized by J&K Tourism Board and this was my first invitation from an Indian state tourism board.

Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh
Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh #lumia1020

The most recent trip, n0. 12 has been to Judge’s Court, Pragpur with WelcomeHeritage. 12 trips of various duration in 6 months is not bad at all. The next trip starting about in a week’s time is a personal vacation in Himachal Pradesh, I am so looking forward to it. And I sincerely hope that the journey continues.

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