The Summer of 2014. So Far.

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First trip of Summer. Cape Ann, MA. Photo by Esha Samajpati © All rights reserved

Summer is the most looked-forward-to of the four seasons. Notwithstanding the flies on the beach, the sand in your ketchup, the sudden sunburn, the ticks, the other bugs, onset of allergies, and crowds everywhere. So what is it that makes New England summers so coveted? Is it the buttery lobster rolls or the deep green of the leaves which seem to have wiped off all signs of a long, white winter?

For me, the best part of summer is not having to switch on the headlight or the porch light till the clock strikes eight. I like walking in the park sans headphones, taking in the chirping of birds and the odd squeak of a truant rodent. Winter is cold, and still. Summer is full of life.

One would think that our trip to Cape Ann is the highlight of this summer. Seeing as it’s the only long trip we have taken so far. But that’s not it.

For us, this summer has been about presenting the outside world to our two and a half year old. In all its bug-ridden dirt-splashed glory.

Together we saw tadpoles swimming in a nearby pond, we met a black and red caterpillar, picked up rocks and sticks from the park, gave them names according to their shapes, “climbed” a boulder, counted trees, and bubbles, said hello to a frog, shook paws with numerous dogs, biked along deserted train tracks, and found that we liked to sit on the grass after all. Yes, prickly, crunchy grass is fine, and so are the bugs that crawl in it.

Things that we are yet to do this summer – go berry picking, find a good splash pad, or a nice swimming hole, and take an easy child-friendly hike.

All in good time. For the leaves are still green and pumpkin flavored beverages look like a distant dream.