WelcomeHeritage Judge’s Court, Pragpur

When I saw the litchi fruits on the tree at the Welcomeheritage Judge’s Court, Pragpur it so reminded me of my childhood home. Of course, our home was not set in 12 acres nor was it double storied but that too had mango and litchi trees among other fruits. All my childhood and college days I could pluck fruits from the trees and eat them. It was almost after a decade and a half later that I picked up a few litches from the tree and ate them at Judges Court, Pragpur! Some parts of this manor are 300 year old. You can read more about its history here.

Judge’s Court, Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh

The Judge’s Court is a WelcomeHeritage hotel, an ideal destination where you go to do nothing. There are many ways in which you could achieve that. You could sit in the lawns and enjoy the silence, lie down in your well appointed room and do nothing, go for an aimless walk, doze off on the second floor veranda (my favorite corner in the entire place) , take a dip in the pool and in many more such ways. That would be the best way to spend the holiday there. You could refer to this page for the tariff.

The Second Floor Veranda, Judge’s Court, Pragpur

I had a one night stay at the Judge’s Court, Pragpur and it was my fault. I had to come back in a hurry and I hardly ever say no to a trip when I am invited! Even in that short stay I would run off to this huge veranda on the second floor and sit in the easy chair. I thought I would read a book but I just daydreamed lying down and looking at the open courtyard below!

The Kipling Room, Judge's Court, Pragpur
The Kipling Room, Judge’s Court, Pragpur

Judge’s Court has 20 rooms in all 10 in the main building, 7 in the new wing and 3 heritage rooms in the Pragpur village. They give you a feel of the bygone era. I had a comfortable room with twin beds all to myself. The bathroom was modern and functional with a shower.

Mango Crush, Judge’s Manor, Pragpur

The hotel grows a lot of its own supplies like fruits, vegetables and has a dairy farm too. The food hence tastes fresh and good. I had both Indian and continental food and enjoyed both equally. The mango crush of course was quite delightful.

An Ancient Wall Clock

The whole place is full of interesting curious and if you are a person who really likes them, you could spend days looking at each individual item. There was an old hamam  that caught my eye as well, the mirrors on the wall reminded me of a time when people may actually had time to observe themselves in one!

Jack fruits at Judge's Court, Pragpur
Jack fruits at Judge’s Court, Pragpur

But what I enjoyed most was the trees at the country manor. There were clove, almond, camphor, plums and many more such exotic trees. The feeling of space and peace that I got there is unmatched. How I wish, I had some more time to stay. And this is just about the property, wait till I talk about the nearby places. Also, even though Pragpur is a heritage village, it is not touristy at all, at least for the time being.

PS. I was invited by the property to spend some time with them.

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