Whitewater Rafting Challenge in the Adirondacks

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White Water“I grew up in the 50’s when the expression ‘Up the creek without a paddle’ had a whole different meaning,” said Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver, speaking at the Adirondack Challenge at Gore Mountain in North Creek, a few minutes ago.

Earlier in the day, donning life preservers and wielding big sticks, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo and several of his brave cronies took to rafting class 3 rapids. Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin and his team, all dripping wet in green t-shirts, soaked in the competition by racing each other down the Hudson River Gorge.

I was wedged into my own raft alongside travel writers from around the world: India, Russia, Scotland, even Vietnam. Local WNYT reporter, Dan Bezile sat on the raft to my left, screaming with delight, as he plunged his paddle into the refreshing drink. None of us, with the exception of the Indian writer would have minded if the raft capsized so we could enjoy a summer swim.

This was the 2nd Annual Adirondack Challenge with the goal of highlighting all the beauty and recreational opportunities available to visitors to the North Country. Hundreds were invited to participate both in the race and attend a late lunch and press conference at Gore Mountain following the excitement.

“The North Country is coming back big time!” Cuomo said as he wrapped up his pitch to attract more tourism to the area.

TBA: Should I find a fast internet connection here in North Creek tonight, I’ll edit the GoPro footage and upload it for your viewing pleasure!