5 Reasons I Did Not Quit my Job to Travel

It seems to be the flavor of the decade to quit the job to travel! It may work for some and it may not work for some. I belong to the second category. I do think of quitting but it is not to follow my passion. I am able to travel right now. So why quit my job? I work as a Professor at a private college in Gurgaon. And here are 5 reasons why I did not quit my job to travel.

5. That Damn Ph.D: I did my Ph.D. a long time back. I did it from IIT Kanpur. I worked a lot for it. I published, went to conferences and generally enjoyed slogging for it. I know there is something wrong with my head! Now whenever I get the bug to quit, and I will freely admit that I do get it, a bulb goes off in my head which says, “What and leave all that hard work behind?” I have not been able to quell that nagging voice in my head that tells me to hang on, though it is getting weaker with every passing year.

4. My Kid is Small: I have a daughter who studies in primary school. I already travel a lot. But there are times when I have to say no to some sponsors as I can not suit the dates. So far the numbers, thankfully have been small. If I quit, I suspect, I will travel even more, which would mean that my daughter and I will see even less of each-other. I am not willing for this trade off. Or let me say I do not wish to add to it, as I anyway travel a lot. Which takes me exactly to the next point.

I travel a lot
Thailand Happiness Street Festival, Bangkok

3. I Anyway Travel a Lot: I have already done 17 trips this year. I was lucky that two major trips came when it was easier for me to take leaves. I was invited to Finland when it was the Holi break and to Jordan when the exams had started so there were no classes to take. It is easier for me to travel on long trips when there is a summer vacation in the college. But the vacations are over now, I have to be content with extended weekend trips, till it is time for winter break!

2. My Risk Appetite: Everyone has a certain type of risk appetite. I am quite risk averse. I do not see what I gain by chucking my perfectly reasonable job! That is how my head is wired. And it is no good arguing with it.

1. Money: There is not a pressure on me to work as we are a double income family, but an extra income never hurts. Also, my husband threatens more than me, to quit his job! So in the end both of us decided to hang on till the kid goes to college. I know, such excuses we give!

In fact, my salary funds the  family trips to Hong Kong and Maldives. It lets me go trekking in Nepal, which I love to do. I would love to make more money from blogging/travel writing. But as of now I do not see a good revenue model for me. Coupled with 4 and 5 I am in no hurry to quit my job. I want to quit my job eventually because I get extremely tried of commuting, I wish to quit so that I could watch more sunsets.  But I do not really need to quit to travel more, I already travel a lot!

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