Sky Watch Friday- Flying Above the Majestic Mountains

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It is time to travel again, as I have to rummage my folders to find images for Sky Watch. I still have more than enough to wrote about from my previous trips. However, I wonder how I missed out on this treasure trove of mountains seen on the Delhi-Paro-Delhi flights. The return flight was Paro-Kathmandu-Delhi flight.

Mount Kanchenjunga on the Delhi Paro Flight
Mount Kanchenjunga on the Delhi Paro Flight

While going to Paro (you need a left hand side seat) I only saw the tip of Mount Kanchenjunga from the flight. Even that was fascinating. But it was nothing compared to what I saw while coming back!

Mt. Kanchenjunga
Mt. Kanchenjunga

I was in awe of the scene and kept staring at it till it vanished from my view. However, I do wish to see it again, this time hopefully on a clear day! The Druk Air pilots always announced where to look for whenever we passed over a majestic mountain range!

A Faint View of Mount Everest
A Faint View of Mount Everest (Left)

While coming back the flight was Paro-Kathmandu-Delhi. On the Paro-Kathmandu leg I saw Kanchenjunga in its splendor! When we took off from Kathmandu, the co-pilot announced that the flight would later go over the Everest and they would give us more details then. I was waiting for that announcement eagerly. I thought there was awe in the voice of the pilot as well when he started talking about Mt. Everest. It is on the left hand side. Because of the other mountain being closer to the flight, it looks taller than the Everest. I witnessed this phenomenon all through my Everest Base Camp Trek as well.  I remember the pilot saying, “there you can see clouds on the ridge of the Everest, which means it is bad weather. I sincerely wish I get to see a better view of both the mountains soon!

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PPS. I was invited my to visit Bhutan.