New Beginnings

Blue Cheese and Figs on Flatbread. Photo by Esha Samajpati © All rights reserved

This maybe the post that I leave you with. For most of October and maybe a good chunk of November. See, the thing is, we are moving. Same town, different neighborhood. The boxes are here, some of them already packed. Some semi-stuffed with packing paper, looking like a square bird’s nest. The fridge has been stripped of scribbled notes and wonky magnets. Many cabinets and a handful of closets have been emptied.

I like the idea of moving to a newer better place. It helps us get rid of clutter, sort through the past few years of our lives, and clear our heads. Of course, there are aspects of the old, the familiar, that we will miss dearly. It’s a small price we pay as we strive to recreate the familiar yet again in an unfamiliar surrounding. Having lived in different cities and countries and continents most of my adult life, I can’t say that I don’t like fresh beginnings. I don’t fear the unfamiliar. Instead, I look forward to mastering it. Pretty soon I will be able to switch on the lights in our new place without so much as looking at the walls. After all, isn’t life all about learning to move on, letting go, and starting anew?

This year we are also planning a mega India trip. So what with that and the move, this post is going to be the “latest post” for quite a while. Meanwhile, I leave you with this flatbread topped with figs and blue cheese, soaked somewhat in reduced honey-balsamic sauce. A home-made dinner that makes sure you have enough time left over to pack and label, stack and store.