Visiting the Wemp Barn of Feura Bush, NY

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1715 Dutch Barn and Oriskatach

Admittedly, based on my last post, I did not have the greatest taste in television as a child. However, to be fair, if you were raised in the country, required to stack countless cords of wood, feed livestock and pull garden weeds, entertainment (of any kind) would have been preferable. In the 70’s, having dirty hands at age eight from baling hay or strawberry picking was commonplace. Today, it’s nice having a familiarity with local harvesting and an appreciation for well-built barns.

Which brings me to the Oriskatach property in Feura Bush, NY.

Wearing my Sunday best, I was invited to listen to a popular singing troupe perform inside one of the oldest barns in America, circa 1715. I wasn’t there to crank a tractor or rotate an egg incubator but rather enjoy the history of Dutch architecture alongside contemporary choral music.

Amidst clinking glasses of fine wine and fancy suits, I had to marvel at how my being inside a barn, specifically this barn, was infinitely better than the last time I was in a barn.

The New World Dutch structure originally stood in Montgomery County until 1990 when the late (and great) local businessman/philanthropist Carl Touhey had it dismantled and rebuilt next to his stone home.

The sturdy configuration is made of massive posts and beams called the H-frame. Wooden pegs fit like puzzle pieces to secure the timbers and joints together. It’s a true testament to pre-industrial engineering and the skills of those that came to the New World.

1715 Dutch Barn and Oriskatach

1715 Dutch Barn and Oriskatach

1715 Dutch Barn and Oriskatach

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