He’s the Wurst: a sausage maker in rural Missouri

Wurst Haus

Wurstmeister Mike Sloan rushes to the front door when he sees new customers entering.

“Welcome to the Wurst Haus! Follow me for a sample of the best sausage in Missouri!” he proudly proclaims.

Everyone hurriedly surrounds a metal tray dressed with hanging links of smoked bratwurst, a tip jar and bottles of hand-batched wurst soda. Sloan cuts up bite-size morsels for everyone to feast on. He wears a small microphone to amplify his voice as he describes the ingredients.

“Try the Pineapple and Bacon bratwurst! You’re going to love our Bloody Mary Bratwurst! Oh, and now, how about a few forks of our Caramelized Pear and Gorgonzola Bratwurst!”

The restaurant and gourmet food store used to be struggling NAPA Auto Parts store in the middle of Hermann, Missouri but in 2011, Sloan revamped the brick warehouse into a smorgasbord of flavors – 46 to be exact. The menu on the chalkboard hanging over the glass display case reads much higher though.

Germans have a special bond with sausage, no different than, say, a Japanese sushi chef has with raw fish or an Italian pizza man with dough. Sloan has been curing, drying and smoking ground meat since he was a young boy growing up with parents who also owned their own store. Blutwurst, liverwurst, bierwurst, currywurst: you name the “wurst” and Sloan makes it the best.

For more information, visit: http://www.hermannwursthaus.com/