Manchester, Vermont: Murder at the Wilburton Inn

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Fabio is found dead at the buffet table struck down by a stale baguette.
Fabio is found dead at the buffet table, struck down by a stale baguette.

The Wilburton Inn, Manchester, Vermont

It was death by baguette! The victim was “gluten” for punishment! Did the Hollywood Director “kill” for a chance to get rich?

Over 100 guests attended the 2nd annual post-Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner on November 9 at the Wilburton Inn in Manchester, Vermont. The flamboyant interactive mystery takes place in 1955 at a secret acquisition meeting between RKO Pictures and the board members of the General Tire Corporation. At the turn of the century, the Tudor style hotel was a popular summer home for Hollywood celebrities because it, indeed, was owned by the illustrious film and distribution company.

Several humorous characters set the stage for a suspense-filled scandal that includes internationally renowned German Director Eric Von Strobelight (“I taught Leni Riefenstahl everything she knows. Not much of a sense of humor but she was good in a rally!”) and the satirical motion picture dance duo, Fred Astaire and Pepper Rogers (not quite Ginger).

During dinner the plot quickly escalates into tragedy when a rampaging murderer in a King Kong costume chokes a linguine-loving Fabio Fortunato with a dangerously stale French baguette. A gasping audience is left to guess, ‘Who done it?’. The killer and the motive are revealed after several more comic moments.

“We’ve always been about celebrating creativity and its many forms,” said Inn co-owner Tajlei Levis. “Manchester is a very creative place and the Wilburton Inn is a part of this cultural community. Throughout the year, we have sing-alongs, play-readings, live music, farm night and interesting interpretations of contemporary art. We attract people who value art and creativity and fun.”

Levis, an off-Broadway playwright who wrote the Murder Mystery, joined her father and siblings to purchase the sprawling Wilburton Inn from RKO in 1987. More on the family in the next blog!

The cast of the Murder Mystery Dinner held at the Wilburton Inn, Manchester, Vermont.
The cast of the Murder Mystery Dinner held at the Wilburton Inn, Manchester, Vermont.