A trio of celebrations in Beantown

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Birthdays are for celebrating, and my gal friends wasted no time finding places to party with me this weekend. Whether you’re into dancing, drinks, or, um, donkeys, it’s best to keep an open mind when the entourage is treating. Here are three hotspots (of many) that will make your moment memorable when in Boston, Mass.

Donkey Show
1. The Donkey Show
No, this is not a political assembly with a bunch of Dems queuing at the door. It’s an outrageous drag-queen show that rivals anything you’d find in NYC. Residing inside the Oberon theater on the fringe of Harvard Square, the award-winning smash hit is set in a world of glittery freaks, fairies, flesh and fantasy. We danced ourselves dirty all night to 70s disco hits while watching scantily clad libidos boogie about on stage. We wore sequined halter tops, polyester pants and platform shoes found in local consignment shops. How the hustle queen managed to keep her pasties pinned to certain body parts, I will never know!
Link: http://americanrepertorytheater.org/events/show/donkey-show

2. Beerunch at Cambridge Beer Company
Beer for Sunday brunch? Of course, this is your birthday! There’s no reason why you can’t have a Malt Battered French Toast or Pumpkin Ale Spiced Bread Pudding Sandwich with a pint of their toasted Boomsquash. The nationally acclaimed CBC is located in Kendall Square and has been brewing high-quality crafts since 1989. Before you buy, always request a sip to see if the IBU (international bitterness unit) pleases your palate. Check out the mural of Bostonian faces painted on the wall. You can guess who’s who while you wait for your Beer Battered Fish and Chips.
Link: http://cambridgebrewingcompany.com/

3. Waiting at Wahlburgers
Hungry for 15-minutes of fame? Your birthday wish may come true if you dine at Wahlburgers restaurant in Hingham Shipyard. Actors Mark and Donnie with their older brother Chef Paul Wahlberg record monthly episodes of the A&E reality series at their popular eatery with the same name. We waited in line for 90 minutes (others have waited up to four hours) to try the $7.95 Thanksgiving Burger made with fresh seasoned turkey leftovers on a bun stuffed with cranberry sauce and roasted butternut squash. All burgers are topped off with Paul’s signature Wahl sauce, dill pickles and cheese from government stockpiles – yes, you read correctly – processed cheese that’s no better than powdered milk. The bright orange ingredient is a tribute to the federal assistance the brothers received growing up in a poor household in the 1970s. Kitty corner to the restaurant is Chef’s Paul’s higher-end hotspot, the Alma Nove, named after his mother, Alma, and her nine children.
Link: http://www.wahlburgersrestaurant.com/