A Perilous Hike up Kaaterskill Falls

Kaaterskill Falls Hike

Kaaterskill Falls are absolutely beautiful but even on a good day the hike is steep and precarious. Albeit short, it’s burdened with loose rock and fallen tree branches. Small pools of frozen ice compound the dangers.

With that said, Mutti and I ascended to the base of the 2-tier cascades with the greatest of care. We didn’t think to bring our crampons (poor planning) so traction control was lacking.

Half way to the top the sun plunged down onto this massive chunk of hanging ice. It formed over a crystal clear pool of flowing water.

The natural waterfalls are a phenomenon that are truly hypnotic. Neither Mutti or myself could stop ourselves from inching closer to the rock wall for better photos.

Sadly, it’s no wonder that so many have been injured and even perished here.