Flying Coach Class with Malaysia Airlines

I traveled with Malaysia Airlines both the times I visited Malaysia. So twice I took the Delhi-Kuala Lumpur flight and back. So far my experiences have been good with them.

Check In: Both the times I did the web check in (for that window seat) and thankfully there was a separate queue for web check in which was much shorter. I do not travel with too much luggage so I have never faced the excess baggage situation. So both my check ins were smooth and efficient.

In Flight Entertainment: I just do one thing in the flight, I watch movies, non-stop. I try to catch up on all the junk pictures I missed out on or would not watch at all in a movie theater. Now Delhi Kuala Lumpur is not very long (5 hours or so) so I manage only two full movies each way. There were enough movies for me to watch. Some of the movies that I have watched on this route are ‘I am Sam,’ Rock Star (Hindi), Vicky Donor (Hindi), Devil Wears Prada and a few more! So I have been entertained on my flights.

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

Food: The food has been fine but I have outgrown airline food now in general. I still look forward to the desserts and they were good on the flight. However I still complain if I get really poor food but it has never been the case with all my 4 flights with Malaysia Airlines. On Delhi- Kuala Lumpur flights getting a vegetarian meal is not an issue at all even if your original booking said non-veg. I always asked for a glass of wine sometimes red, sometimes white and I always got it. I was asked for a refill once but I declined. They offer tea and coffee and give you eye contact too while asking. On a few other airlines the crew just pass holding tea and coffee and if you blink and miss them, there went your coffee! Nothing like this on Malaysia Airlines in my experience.

Leg Space: Do you really want to know about leg space in coach class? Well I am not very tall or bulky (yet!) so the space was adequate for me. It is the usual as it is in the economy.

Service: You notice good service only if you get to experience otherwise. I always got good service from them. What I like most is that it was easy to draw their attention and they would readily give me eye contact.

Overall: A decent airline that if I am not cost saving I would fly again with!