Words that Have Appeal: From Greenpeace Website

I do like writing about other things, and not just travel. But as of now, I want to maintain only one blog. So here it goes. Did you ever feel that we are drowning in advertisements? If one watched TV alone and tried to make an impression of present day earth, they might think dandruff is the biggest problem plaguing the humankind!

All of us who think of a good life, how many of us did some independent thinking and tried to define it for us. I mean ‘complete man’ is one brand, ‘make it big’ another and so on and so forth. I once  liked a top on display and when I inquired about the cost it was 5K Indian rupees. I know of households that earn that much in an entire month.

One of my biggest peeve is the fairness products advertising. The companies that in many other countries would have thought a thousand times before advertising fairness products do so with impunity in India. I know in the end it is we the people who buy such products but still, it leaves my nerves stretched.

And I am no activist, I am your ordinary consumer who likes to buy things, if not for myself then for others. But still there is a limit to what one can buy and how much happiness it can provide. But I guess we are so caught up that we hardly ever pause and think.

In some other context, I was reading the Greenpeace website and found a few words on it extremely jolting.

Consuming ever more things is an unsatisfying and harmful way to try to be happy and fulfilled. Human happiness is not related to what people buy, but to who we are and how we relate to each other.

From Greenpeace website (paragraph 5 of the article).

Drowned in advertisements, this sounds like a sane piece of advise.