Bring Your Doctor With You

I have never had a GP a general doctor till recently. I have a great one now, Dr Taylor in Stone Ridge, extremely caring and helpful. Due to medical tests my departure to New Mexico is postponed till Saturday and Southwest made that easy also, nuggets off gold are those who make things easier while still dealing with over radiated throat, dating back to the first cancer treatment.

Since totaling a car last try on a road trip and ending up at a hospital while in Germany the one before, I am a bit nervous to hit the road. If you’re not doing what you love your not living! The doctors all agree that I should go they see how important it is to me to travel. Dr Taylor though took it further; we are now connected online via a service called Relay Health. This way I can ask questions and keep myself monitored a bit, peace of mind at the very least. In fact I added some extra days out west a quest waits. See if your doctor uses Relay Health, easy to pack and good for the mind.