Budget Hotels in Delhi

I have to admit I get completely stumped when someone asks forbudget hotels in Delhi. As I live in National Capital Region (NCR) I don’t need to stay in a hotel. There have been occasions when friends asked for recommendations for Delhi budget hotels and I was hard pressed to say anything.

One backpacking area full ofhotels in Delhi is of course Pahar Ganj and whatever I have seen of it from New Delhi Railway Station I don’t think I can recommend it to my friends. Yet people in the know have been able to find decent hotels, so I am told. But the general area doesn’t inspire too much confidence.

Hotels in Delhi

Hotels in Delhi

I have always struggled to find budget hotels in other parts of India too. These days the price of a budget hotels have gone up and yet to find a reasonably clean one is quite difficult. I remember two particularly bad experiences in Haridwar and Rishikesh. Even for 1500 rupees per night the hotel was just shabby. On the other hand I had a very good experience in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh recently. I just went with the recommendations on the net and it proved to be a very good choice. It was a hotel based out of a home which was very clean with the advantage of having home cooked food too!

Coming back to Delhi hotels another area that gets mentioned is Karol Bag but I heard from a traveler that it is also not of much use. I have heard of a few bed and breakfasts in Delhi and NCR which sound quite good but you get to know about them because of someone talking about it or by chance. I wonder what is the chance of a real budget traveler coming across these because they are not in those main backing areas.

So I actually get quite stumped when I have to find budget hotels. How do you go about finding budget hotels?