Cancer Speak, Traveling On

It is the un –snappiest comeback line in history,” takes one to know one”. I can’t stand it yet I have taken on a task that I hope to explain something I hope no one ever has to go through, cancer. I was asked to do the cancer survivor’s talk at the American Cancer Society’s Golf Tournament and Event (Hudson Valley Region) this June 8th at Wiltwyick Country Club. I was supposed to speak last year but once again had to go through another cancer treatment, ah sweet irony. I have decided my approach this year isn’t going to be so much about my physical experience as just what those who are involved with a cancer survivor needs to know. I personally never gave it much thought before being on the side of having had cancer.

Things change and sometimes in dramatically after one goes through the treatment ordeal, not just physically but mentally. The work isn’t over when the treatment is and the celebration of surviving wears out. Love ones, family, friends and co-workers all have different takes. Some are happy to learn and others not, almost as if the less they understand the further they are from cancer. I have even gotten comments as if the cancer or a relapse was somehow my fault. Often I feel badly for the latter the most. I realize that god forbid if they ever have to go through treatment they will have the hardest time. That is one goal I hope to help improve, understanding on both sides of pure evil.