Chilling Big in Beaufort SC

I rarely say I love a place, for some reason I use the could I live there scale. It helps me check out the things that a regular passer through traveler might not. I found a place yesterday that rates way up on the YES meter, Beaufort SC. I must confess that Hollywood found it years ago, two flops, Forrest Gump and the Big Chill were filmed there. In fact Tom Berenger bought a place there after the filming of the Big Chill. He still lives there and according to the Beaufort Lifestyle magazine is a great local resident. He will headline the 6th Beaufort Film Festival coming soon.

The stunning architecture and waterfront setting ooze charm and the pace is slow. Like most of the places I could live it has a college, keeps things young and boosts arts endeavors. My Po Boy sandwich made from fresh local shrimp at Plum’s only sealed the deal. Ready to move, until I scanned a real estate sign with my IPhone in front of a gorgeous place right in town and on the water, 2.6 mill. Poof the dream was over, back on the road towards Savannah.