Congratulations to the “Stars of the Walkway”

Stars of the Walkway Gala

Stars of the Walkway Gala

Stars of the Walkway

The longest pedestrian walkway in the world opened in 2009 but it took until last night to finally thank the volunteers that made it happen.

While champagne flowed and hor d’oeuvres enjoyed, a gala celebration in honor of six men and two women was in full swing: Fred Schaeffer, Dick Coller, David Rocco, William Keating, David Santner, Mitch Markay, Judy Moran and Claire Constantino.

The Dyson Foundation along with big political names from Dutchess, Ulster, Greene, Orange and Putnam counties, even former Governor George Pataki and wife Libby, were there to support and applaud the unassuming “Stars of the Walkway.”

I was in charge of playing a short format documentary I’ve worked on all summer and wouldn’t you know it… just like my days working in news, with only seconds, yes, seconds, to spare, technology fails me!

I scrambled grabbing cords, restarting hard drives, resetting the documentary, all in an effort to avoid a pause in the programming.

With my thumping heart on fire, thankfully, nobody in the audience detected a thing. The video started playing just as the lights under the big tent dimmed and the announcer at the podium cued the show.

An audience of well over 400 clapped ferociously 12-minutes later.