Connaught Place II

This is the second part of my photos from Connaught Place (or what is officially called as Rajeev Chowk now) area in New Delhi.I remember, a few years back, H and I were roaming in the CP area and we went into this restaurant, Gaylord, thinking it would be the usual Delhi fare. Inside, almost everyone was a foreigner and after looking at the prices, we just walked out! I thought I would click a picture at least, this time.

Being a Sunday, ost of the shops were closed but the sidewalks were busy as ever. One could take the weight at this man’s machine (the small red object on the ground) for rupee one! Don’t ask what my weight is!

You have choice! 50 paise for a glass of water (though watch out for the medical bill after the glass of water) or 15 rupees for a cup of coffee!

H asked me to take the picture of this music shop, as it is a rarity in Delhi. It was a pity it was closed.

Anything for a living. Most of the people go quite far to try and make an honest living.
Such a long journey home!