Connaught Place or Rajeev Chowk: What is there in a Name?

I hate going out on a Sunday particularly when I had a working Saturday. But this time our dear friends were in Delhi just for a day and we decided to meet them in CP. H always manages not to drive, so I did all the driving too.

While we were waiting for them near Regal, I as usual started clicking pictures. After a heavy dose of malls, it feels nice to stand out in the open. I parked my car quite near the Madras Coffee house.

This lady was spreading here stuff quite next to the Regal Cinema and clicked her picture from quite some distance.

This was some cheesy movie, running four shows in Regal. People gave me quite some glances while I was clicking this snap.

Road site stalls selling ties and cell phone covers, compete with swank shops.
The landmark LIC building in the Connaught Place.
When in India, you will find some sings promising a spiritual journey, frankly I am quite skeptical.

We finally had lunch in Quality and the pigeon you can see at the top is real.
I will be doing a part II soon, I have many more snaps from the area.