Early Walk in High Falls and Cottekill with a New Friend

Feeling relatively good this morning and enjoying the cool air I restarted a life long habit, a morning walk. Here in Cottekill it is always a pleasure and today no different. I recently bought an Olympus Pen 2, one of what is called a ¾ DSRL because of their smaller size. They are amazing as the insides are powerful than looks would lead you to believe. You also have the ability to change numerous lenses from super micro to telephoto. Wearing an upper body brace I really appreciated the size and weight it made bringing lenses along possible. Basically it is like having a souped up point and shoot that works like a full size DSLR. It gives you an amazing control over the exposures, white balance and anything else you would use with a full size camera.

The new issue of Popular Photography had an article named Incredible Shrinking Cameras, why your next camera will be smaller, better and just as powerful as a DSLR. It compared several and I was happy to see Olympus did great among the group. I also found that Lumix has joined in, tempted already! I still love my Cannon DSLRs but sometimes less is more.