Eastern Point Lighthouse – Gloucester Harbor, MA

Eastern Point Lighthouse. Photo by Esha Samajpati © All rights reserved

Why not live in a lighthouse I say. Except for the occasional gale unleashing fierce waves at your doorstep and the dreary winter leaving a coat of treacherous ice on the rocks in your yard, it is rather nice, isn’t it? There’s a certain sense of adventure that is effortlessly and rightly associated with a lighthouse, and it’s that adventure that draws me to them. Must say that I am happy to live in a part of the world where lighthouses are a-plenty.

Located at the eastern tip of Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts, this particular beauty stands by the 2,250 foot Dog Bar Breakwater made of granite blocks. But getting there is tricky.

So you have googled the address and punched it in your GPS. Somewhere along the way on Eastern Point Road, you will come across a road marked private. Instead of turning back, you are permitted to ignore it and make your way down a narrow lane all the way to the lighthouse station parking. Just keep the ocean to your right and the fabulous houses to your left.

And yes, although you can go past the private sign as has been pointed out in countless Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews, you can do so only if you are going to park near the breakwater and take pictures of the light from the rocks. Do not by any means trespass on the station. The lighthouse itself and anywhere inside the fence is off limits.

There is a box at the parking lot where you can deposit your parking fee. It’s on the honor system.