Family Traditions, Art for All in Stone Ridge

Smaller sized photos
It is the second week of Family Traditions in full operation and happy to report that the gift shop/ gallery is doing very well from all reports. Much of that is due to proprietor Peri L Rainbow’s concept, Gifts and Guidance to Honor Life’s Journey. So much more than just art works on the wall. However I am amazed how much this area that is filled with artists has needed places to show that work, much of it is sent down to NYC. Every time I stop in there is an artist looking to get their work in.

Besides getting to show their work the artist have a chance to sell their work, and the front part of the FT has crafted items for sale, remarkable things that truly would make gifts that say more when given. With that in mind I’ve done several prints framed and signed in small sizes 2.50 X 3.5 and 3.00 X 5.00, priced so that you can give a glimpse of Kenya Elephants or a peak of a French Garden to a friend to have on their desk or small part of their favorite hangout. Art need not be for just the wealthy or collector. I do also have some 11
X 14 and 8 X 10 photos there.

Not only am I displaying there I also happen to be a customer. I bought a painting that enthralled me by artist Judith Mac Calla that now hangs in the home. In fact there is a display of work there now at the store done by autistic Cuban Children that I am going to catch this afternoon, money will now go back to that project. So happy in all respects that Family Traditions is starting some new traditions here in the Hudson River Valley and Stone Ridge.