Frank Pepe’s Pizza, No New Haven Hype

I have been to pizza nirvana and it was grand! I run the risk now of all other pizza being insidious, forever wishing that Frank Pepe Pizza was in my town. Not a chain Pepe but the one Pepe. Frank opened in 1925 on Wooster Street in New Haven and even today the place draws crowds. Frank Pepe’s History I heard about the place for years and had I known I would have built an off ramp personally, to think I’ve driven by so many times before, never again! I thought it might be hype, BS and crap but no, it is real. From my first bite to last I could only think taste, what is it that works so damn great. The crust crisp yet chewy, next bite I thought it’s the sauce, tangy rich and like a summer picked red heirloom. Then no, the cheese, it’s the cheese. This played in repetition over and over again. In fact as I write this I am staring straight at the Wooster area from my room at the Omni, would a travel writer really return for dinner when so many other choices await their turn? Okay a plan formulates in my mind, if I sleep past the alarm and move slow, F Pepe’s sits very near where I can get on 95 and the road. After all I wouldn’t have to spend time reading the menu, its pizza and pizza.