GoNOMAD’s Push Up, Lots of Laughs and Work

Back many years ago, at least in Travel Writing time line I was a contributing editor for a magazine named Transitions Abroad. It was an innovative read started by Clay Hubbs that’s goal was to give readers the best and real way to travel in a way that was closer to the ground. After getting some old photos emailed from Max a few days ago I pulled out an old issue Jul/Aug 2001 and on that masthead was Max Hartshorne, Managing Editor and mine listed under Independent Travel.

Before that I was asked if I wanted to join six other writers for an online magazine called GoNOMAD. Most of my writer friends warned me about leaving the print world for the as yet undiscovered online world; I made the right choice though I still do printed pieces regularly. Not long after the start five writers left and I had a new owner to deal with. Turns out the new owner was none other than a guy named Max Hartshorne. I recall that in those days you couldn’t buy wine in NY on Sunday so I went to a friend’s house and barrowed some bottles of red and Lil and I drove up to meet Max face to face. Max had a great turkey cooked and multiple bottles went down. A longtime gig opened and Max’s push for GN opened big brand new doors.

I laughed when I saw the pictures because I knew right away where they were taken, Martha’s Vineyard. We both have on the new GN tees and lobsters in hand. I thought about the countless events we visited as the new boys on the block, as of yet online was the bastard. As I write about it for my book project I often crack up, a modern twisted Coal Miner’s Daughter scene. It was exciting and invigorating pushing ourselves up. Those smiles in the pictures are real and hearts beat with every step up we made. Thought I’d share them… The trip is long from over.