Health Plan, Needed a New One

Health is all. I’ve learned that the hard way, I always seem to learn the hard way. Had no idea that it would take two cancer treatments and a fractured vertebra, does drive it home. If the costs were out of pocket it would be over a million bucks, goodbye home and everything else I own. Fortunately my wife’s insurance policy from teaching was all covering. I am full of thanks for that, yet I know what the opposite might have been.

Good guy and owner of the Crossroads Deli right down the street had throat cancer very close to my own. If there is a community center in Cottekill it is the Deli. Timothy and Sue are a tremendous asset to all of us. Tim has complications from his treatment (I sure know that feeling) that will require a very serious operation. Without health insurance that is usually only given to union people or corporate workers the small businessman is usually screwed. There is a benefit Italian Buffet Nov. 26th at the American Legion Hall in Tillson to help raise money for that needed operation. A chance to help with the Health Care crisis we face here in the US. Please Help! Call in a donation, 845 658-8292.