Have You Seen Someone This Train Crazy?

I have not. I enjoy sitting near a window on a train or a bus and let my mind wander. But Nomad with a Desk Job is in a league of his own. I quite enjoyed reading his post about MG trains:

I remember all the rides on the roof with crazy Jats for company or in the front guard van with dogs, woodcutters with a forest and school children for company. I’ll never forget that biting January morning when me and Bharath Moro nearly froze to death hanging on for dear life on the catwalk of a YDM4 as it belched thick black smoke right into our faces.

On this line only, I met perhaps the friendliest railwaymen. There was nothing like having chai with the gateman at Shahbad Mohammedpur as he hurled choicest abuses at the cyclists dodging an oncoming train. Inside the coaches too the atmosphere was amazing. Bidi smoke curled thick in the air while conversation in the typical Haryanvi drawl ranged from Chautala to Mallika.

I am sure you will enjoy reading this one in full.